Friday, January 19, 2018

Another 1990 in the making?

I watched, with scorn and fury, on the television Friday evening the Sports Minister’s reaction and defence of the controversial LifeSport programme’s “merits”, as he defended and tried to justify it as being legit by telling us the citizens of this country to wait on an audit.

However, it goes without saying some very disturbing allegations have been made in connection to that programme and the people benefiting from it.

“An armed militia” was the cry of the MP in Opposition who is not only fearful for his life and well-being, but also for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and, as such, why have these people not been thoroughly investigated to date by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, who seem incapable of doing anything or having any jurisdiction on these untouchable elements?

Are we sitting on our hands and waiting for another 1990 repeat, to then run around the country like a pack of headless chickens who have been presented for the slaughter because we ignored all the warnings? I really hope the day does not present itself when Dr Keith Rowley, Colm Imbert, Faris Al-Rawi, etc, and the right-thinking citizens will look upon this Government and tell it, “I told you so,” for it will not be to the benefit of the country then.

God does not destroy a city without a warning, and the current affairs surrounding this LifeSport programme not only needs an audit, it needs a full-scale enquiry by an independent body into funding of criminal activity. When will our concerned acting Commissioner of Police stop with his public-relations campaign of trying to assure citizens all is all right, and feel the need to start taking and making some drastic steps in doing something about the current state of affairs? We could feel the heat of the flames scorching our necks and while the “youths in the ghetto” are holding those guns, I am more concerned as to how they came into this country in the first place because to fix a leak in your house, one must first turn off the main.

Had I been the Opposition member who was asked to leave by the Speaker of the House, I would have been leaving every day because this bias, corrupted, one-sided system of things cannot be allowed to continue given the gravity of the allegations and findings behind this programme.

All is not well and it’s not business as usual. We placed this current administration into power upon its claim and campaign for change and better governance, and all we get in return are people who are comfortable in watching the country burn and somehow continue to throw gas on the flames till there is nothing left but ash simply because they could rule over the ashes.

It is not only a sad case of affairs, but frightening should something happen stemming from that programme and those who defend it. What will we be saying if we wake up one morning and realise it’s 1990 happening again?

A people who do not respect and work toward correcting their history is destined to repeat it.

Jordan John

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