Friday, February 23, 2018

Answer issues before attacks

There seems to be a concerted broadside attack on the PNM (People's National Movement), via Leader of the Opposition Dr Keith Rowley and leader of the THA (Tobago House of Assembly) Orville London, by the senior members of the People's Partnership. This attack is akin to the dismantling of the credibility and integrity and subsequent ousting of former PM Patrick Manning during the last election campaign.

The current Prime Minister has remained silent on several instances of questionable behaviour by members of her Cabinet and has taken the opportunity of a Divali celebration to ridicule Mr Rowley's attendance and garb to an event that he was invited to and complied. The loquacious Minister of National Security never misses out on an opportunity to do the same, and not to be left out is the Attorney General.

There are several pressing issues of State which citizens are waiting with bated breath to hear the direction this Government is charting for us, among them are the state of the economy and what is being done to kick-start it, the burgeoning crime situation, spreading industrial unrest that is growing tentacles daily, a statement of the Government's position on press freedom following injudicious statements from Cabinet members, the less than competent performance of many of the State boards, the increasing perception of preferential treatment to a particular ethnic sector and the list goes on.

The Government would be well advised to channel its energies in addressing the national issues and allow Dr Rowley's and Mr London's shortcomings to determine their success or failure and, effectively, the PNM's.

Ken George