Monday, February 19, 2018

Anti-crime ideas for Partnership Govt

 AFTER learning about the National Operations Council (NOC) I have come to one conclusion, the People’s Partnership Government is not serious about reducing the crime rate in T&T.

They have spent $2 million to provide CCTV cameras which representss five per cent of the total expenditure. Remember, they were willing to spend $10 million to retrieve a fire truck. Are they serious?

Secondly the entire system will not be fully operational until January 2015. So what is going to happen for this year? Is the murder rate going to spiral again? So while we tinker with issues—Rome is going to burn. 

Some simple proactive measures to curb crime include:-

1. Just as the Jehovah’s Witnesses go from door to door spreading the word of God, community police need to do the same but spread the word of co-operation and easy access to their services thereby creating bond of friendship. 

2. Stop, search and even arrest anyone who runs afoul of the law in hotspot areas. This must be done 24/7 and the police must be assisted by the officers of the Defence Force. 

3. Fast track the implementation of the National Operations Council Initiatives from January 2015 to June 2014.

4. Establish deep undercover police officers in hotspot areas to uncover gang leaders and their operations.

5. Stop the PR propaganda on crime by trying to score cheap political points. 

6. Crime will not be reduced by any quick fix gesture to please the electorate. The electorate must understand that this “war” is for the long haul and we hope that few lives would be lost in the process.  

 John Jessamy