Friday, January 19, 2018

Apply the law

A man is brutally beaten but yet one reads of a newspaper and other persons calling for leniency for his attackers. In other words no jail time! It is only in Trinidad that I can read this crap.

Victims have rights, and an important one is justice according to law, not according to the misguided views of lawyers, newspapers and self-described professors of education.

The functions of punishment include deterring others from committing similar crimes and, importantly, punishment. In view of the plague of violence presently ripping Trinidad apart, it is absurd to contemplate or advocate a lenient punishment for such a brutal crime.

The public must be reassured that the law will be applied firmly without fear or favour. To do otherwise is to encourage others to do the same, and to bring the administration of justice into disrepute.

Let the law be applied firmly and without bias. It is only by zero tolerance for violent crime will the public begin to feel safe.

Richard Wyndham

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