Friday, December 15, 2017

Are they pressing the prayer button?

The political modus operandi of the Partnership continues to include fooling the people most of the time. Or rather, attempting to fool the voting public an even greater part of the time. In this Bollywood/Hollywood parallel universe that is Trinbago politics the most recent ‘political wish’ is to include an old, trusted friend and ingredient: Prayer. Prayer is never superfluous in our multi-ethnic multi-religious society and it makes for an inclusive religious respectful mien.

But when added to the Government ministers’ very visible attendance at wakes, funerals, accidents and weddings of supporters, one can imagine this is being introduced in order to send the subliminal message that they are the ‘right’ political party who will earn our support. It smacks of religious arrogance.

My nephew who is within a few days of his first birthday leaves his toys and prefers to play at pressing the buttons on the TV remote and cellphones, ostensibly to hear the voices of stored messages and to see the lights that prove that he is connected to other persons.

Is this what the Partnership is hoping for? Are they expecting to connect with the populace and make a powerful ‘good’ impression that will stretch to the general elections of 2015? Are we now to believe that our ‘buttons’ are being pressed? And that, like the baby, random pressing will bring about a favourable political outcome?

Prayer is good. Prayer is an important factor regarding the changes necessary to effect a decrease in the truly horrendous homicide rate. It is only small innocent babies who believe that by pressing the buttons they will make new friends.

A thousand and one apologies to the Partnership Government for imputing a level of insensitivity and insincerity of which they may be innocent. It is noble to ‘come clean’ and to be thoroughly upfront at all times, even if one may be misunderstood as being Satan’s Secretary.

In Trinbago’s cut-throat politics, which party will be seen as ‘gooder’ rather than ‘badder?’

For whom will you vote?

Lynette Joseph

via e-mail.