Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Are we really so good after all?

We all are confronted with this key question. Who am I? What do I like? This self-answering question. That contains so many pretences in its responses.

We lie to ourselves and claim that we are what we aspire to be.

But are we these “goods” that we claim to be? We see murders and rapes and we still sleep peacefully at night.

Comforting ourselves and thanking God that it wasn’t one of our own.

So what about the families of the victims? What are we doing to comfort them? What are we doing to help them sleep at night?

When all they can think about is doing something differently that might save their love’s life.

Now, think with me, are we these “good” people that we claim to be?

When we can live in a country where murder is now a norm.

Where we look at that 12-year-old girl raped by the father of her sister’s child...and what?

What do we do?

How are we being clean and honest in all our thoughts, our words and our deeds?

How are we striving in everything we do, and working together with our fellow men of every creed and race? How?

And what are we doing to change this?

Nothing. Because we the citizens rely on everything that is done by the higher authorities.

We wait for them to make their good decisions and then we follow them.

We do not act as single units.

We were not socialised that way.

We respect our good politicians for the good decisions that they make.

Niala JV Seetahal

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