Monday, January 22, 2018

BIR ignorance

 The invectives that have been hurled at the Board of Inland Revenue (BIR) as a result of my letter concerning the stopping mailed-out income tax forms surprised me a little, but after some thought it should not have.

There are myriad pensioners all over the country who have annuities— who now have to travel miles to collect their forms all because of a mindless decision based upon ignorance.

A pensioner in say Diamond Vale, my neck of the woods, must walk out to the Diego Martin Main Road to catch the bus and no matter where he/she gets off in Port of Spain they have a good walk to the BIR office. 

Those who are behind this decision should be ashamed of themselves and should apologise for the inconvenience they have placed upon the taxpaying population. 

And not a word from the people’s representatives. Well, considering the Government can no longer afford to mail out these forms nor do they have the money to put the forms on the appropriate website, then any increase in salary/allowances for the these representatives should immediately be turned into a decrease in their income. 

Someone told me they are only giving out one form per person. So how on earth they are going to check who has received a form already beats me. Another ignorant decision. And they live among us!

Dallas Kidman

Petit Valley