Sunday, February 18, 2018

Baby Simeon must get justice

 I wish to offer my condolences to the parents of baby Simeon. My heart grieves for you. I also wish to commend the media for keeping this incident alive.  

I continue to read that we must get the facts of the case first. I hear you, Minister of Health, I hear you chairman of the NCRHA; but deafening silence from the Minister of the People; but I guess you have been given your orders.  

The underlying message so far is that the couple should just forgive this incident and go forth and multiply. How insulting.  

Fact is, all I have observed is that the medical fraternity is rallying around each other, but I ask myself, who is the victim here?  

No-one has listened to the cries of baby Simeon, where is his voice. Verna St Rose, I salute you. While others mock you I thank you for awakening our dormant, silent, dead social consciences. 

From all accounts, and I refuse to abuse that word “alleged”, the surgery was mishandled from the onset. I cried when I read the details. This whole affair reeks and instead of giving solace to the parents, it has been an occasion to pass the buck.  This is at the heart of my disgust.  

I ask, had this couple been a “have” and not “have not” would this matter been treated differently? Had this procedure been done in a private institution would this have occurred at all? Are we not entitled to care and show attention regardless of our social status?  

But the medical staff underestimated the astuteness of this gentleman. Know your rights. He did not seek counsel at the time, but had some modicum of intelligence that he should not sign any document unless he saw his child.  

We have a way of assessing individuals based on one’s appearance, especially when it comes to examining the index of the curl. Folks of this banana republic of Trinidad and Tobago, we need to lift our voices and use our pens as the swords.  

Justice must be served and it must not remain as another nine-day wonder. The battle lines have been drawn, whose side are you on?

Debra Leonard-Simon