Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bad plan to move Costaatt

 I wonder if along with students, the teachers and general staff at Costaatt are concerned about the Government’s announced intent to move Costaatt from Port of Spain to Couva even though the Minister of Tertiary Education categorically stated the institution has a student base that comes predominantly from the East/West Corridor. 

UNC chairman Khadijah Ameen appeared on TV recently and told the nation the Government plans to turn St Augustine into a “university city”, what with UWI and Mt Hope teaching hospital already located in the general vicinity along the East/West Corridor. 

Mention was made of the construction of buildings to accommodate students, visiting lecturers and to generally facilitate an enhanced learning environment.

The fact is T&T’s education system continues to fail students in more ways than one! The present regime is deliberate in its attempts at physical institutional reconfiguration. As a result Costaatt’s students, predominantly from the East/West corridor, now have to find their way to an already congested Chaguanas without the benefit of an adequate transport system.

Could the idea of a pie in the sky “university city” along the corridor be the start of the People’s Partnership’s 2015 promise-filled election campaign?  

John Henry

Petit Valley