Monday, February 19, 2018

Battle lines nowclearly drawn

Is the Partnership Government now experiencing a certain "lack of respect" from the citizenry? Is this the other area of collateral damage wrought by Section 34?

Each time the National Security Ministry helicopter buzzed overhead on Friday the Woodford Square crowd laughed. That should read "hooted" and "laughed". It was, "All yuh look, Kamla leaving wuk early" and "Jack watching to see who here" and "Yuh going to get a pre-action protocol letter from the AG, hide yuh face."

Some young Indo-Trins were doing a roaring trade in 50th Anniversary flags $10 for a small flag. Some people discussed what it was about the Government that brought them out to Woodford Square. All agreed that it was eventually going to be for the greater good come 2015.

Before they even started off marching people were asking what date would be the next march. Would it be before Christmas or before Carnival? The assembled persons sang "We shall overcome" and the National Anthem as loudly as they could.

The various political factions seemed comfortable and at home with each other.

To me, what the Partnership should fear, is not the number or age of the marchers. They should fear that tangible feeling that "We are the chosen who will save Trinbago from this corrupt government".

There is a strong feeling of almost religious fanaticism on display and of battle lines being drawn in the sand.

Lynette Joseph

Via e-mail