Monday, January 22, 2018

Before another innocent dies...

 How many more baby-dying episode must occur before stringent measures are put in place to properly deal with those who are to be held accountable? Within the space of two weeks we have had two heart-rending episodes involving babies. 

On one hand, the head of a baby was cut from ear to ear while on the other hand a woman found her dead foetus in a bag which she was given to take home. 

What is really going on? How are these women supposed to have normal lives after these gruesome situations? Why aren’t matters of this nature dealt with faster? 

I plead with the relevant authorities to work swiftly on matters like these and stop focusing on trivial and nonsensical issues. Nothing can bring back the dead babies but at least the families (mothers in particular) will receive some kind of justice and closure to these horrifying situations. 

My heart truly goes out to the parents and I pray for those expectant mothers, that events like these will not be repeated. Come on people, open your eyes before another innocent dies.

A Alleyne