Friday, January 19, 2018

Better trained police, not more soldiers

It would now appear that the dire consequences of Jack Warner's mad plan to give soldiers police powers and set up military camps in the country is now coming to light in the comments made by some influential people.

Any sensible person looking at our crime situation would logically conclude that there is something wrong with our police system.

It is quite obvious that we need better trained officers in the field of detection and responsible non-corrupt police personnel.

Our police must rid themselves of the colonial attitude in turning a blind eye to crimes committed by the upper class. It would also benefit our society if we had a fair justice system.

Although we may also need more suitable equipment to use in the detection of crime we certainly don't need more police cars or military intervention or army camps.

The present plans put forward by the National Security Minister which is supported by the Government is loaded with massive expenditure, which in the end will only be a waste of public money.

The overall political picture seem to suggest that we have elected a group of politicians whose only aim is to plunder as much of the treasury funds as fast as they can whilst they remain in power .

They have all the help necessary to implement their plan by association with those established masterminds of crime in the business sector,who they are obviously aiding and abetting.

The government should be trying to make our country a better place to live by implementing policies that will raise the living standards of our nation. The most important thing they and the judiciary should be doing is trying to rid our nation of corruption instead of encouraging it.

GA Marques

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