Friday, February 23, 2018

Beware attempt to colonise us again

A letter to the Editor in the Express of Saturday,

May 24, signed by a num­ber of European Union (EU) ambassadors and the Charge d’Affaires of the EU delegation, gave me great pause. The letter criticised an advertisement carried in the previous Sunday Express, an ad that warned people of certain serious health risks associated with the homosexual lifestyle; it also sought to lecture the Express on what type of ads the newspaper should/should not accept.

I ask the signatories these questions:

1. Was the data quo­ted in the ad incorrect?

2. What is so wrong about making the facts known?

3. Is freedom of expression the right of a favoured few or of all?

4. Why is it wrong to warn the general population of the dangers of any particular lifestyle where such dangers do in fact exist?

One can only make an informed decision if all the facts are known. So please explain to me how is it discriminatory to let people know all the facts about any issue, including this one? It seems to me that withholding some or all of the facts is what is discriminatory.

Interestingly, some time before the publication of the letter referred to, I read a news article which stated that soon, nationals of Trinidad and Tobago would be able to travel to EU countries without a visa, but this was contingent upon agreement on certain matters, including the practise of “human rights” here. Immediately, I became suspicious, and this letter seems to justify my suspicions.

From what I have been reading, in cer­tain countries, one may speak only in favour of the homosexual agenda. If you disagree with it, you had better shut your mouth because you certainly do not share the same freedom of expression as this favoured group.

When certain African countries recently reinforced their laws discouraging the homosexual lifestyle—which is their right as sovereign nations—many governments of developed countries attempted to bully them into changing these laws.

Again, recently, a renowned and well-respected professor of medicine was fired by The University of the West Indies (UWI) for speaking the truth about dangers to the health of

practitioners of the homosexual lifestyle. This was after the university was lobbied to do so.

Caribbean people, there is an attempt to force another form of colonialism upon us, and once again, it is not going to benefit us in any way. Caribbean people, beware, be alert!

Theresa Noel

via e-mail