Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Beware those teachers...

It is mind-boggling to contemplate how a principal could chalk up 14 sex charges out of a possible 75 and be preaching to a religious congregation that is oblivious to those heinous crimes.

Prior to this, there were numerous cases that were highlighted of sexual misconduct by teachers in relation to pupils.

It is now incumbent upon the Minister of Education to review the strong lobbying for sex education in schools.

There can be no doubt now that many teachers who are stimulated by the contents of the curriculum on sex education will find ways to deliver these teachings through “practical” lessons.

If a principal can resort to such “practical” demonstrations on sex education, I shudder to think of what his silent teachers might deliver.

We cannot trust teachers or preachers in such a sensitive area of a child`s education.

Sex education must be the sole prerogative of parents.

Imam Iqbal Hydal

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