Sunday, February 18, 2018

Beyond Harris

I noticed that Michael Harris has tried to belittle Dr Kublalsingh's sterling achievement in his last two Express columns.

Could it be because to date Mr Harris was unable to achieve, since his days in Tapia, what Dr Kublalsingh achieved in three weeks? For all the things Harris has listed as a failure to achieve in this hunger strike, the population is hopeful that this is the beginning of the empowerment which has always eluded us.

Judging from the comments and visitations by eminent persons and the Partnership's acceding to the review, the unprecedented decision of a Prime Minister yielding to the wishes of such citizens rallying around the spirit which necessitated the fast, it is a resounding success.

May I also add that the PM has redeemed her credibility as the leader in charge and not one who is manipulated by puppeteers around her in her decision to review. We hope the PM can now use her new-found independence to engage the people in all future megaprojects. Thanks to the intervention of Verna St Rose Greaves. Thanks to the PM for saying the comments which emanated from her colleagues against Dr Kublalsingh were "most unfortunate". Now if these ministers have credibility their resignations would be presented to and insisted upon by the PM.

The lesson Mr Harris can learn from Dr Kublalsingh's hunger strike is if he is passionate about all the things he has listed as a failing to achieve, he too can start his own hunger strike to achieve success and not try to rain on another's parade.

Roy Nandram

via e-mail