Friday, February 23, 2018

Biggest prize, not punishment, for MacFarlane?

I would like to ask Allison Demas, the chairman of the National Carnival Commission (if she is in fact the relevant person to ask) if Brian MacFarlane's band exceeded its allotted time on the Savannah stage on Carnival Tuesday, and if so why was he not disqualified along with the other bands that exceeded their allotted time.

From all indications his band was in breach of this rule, yet he was given the "Band of the Year" title. Not that his presentation might not have deserved it but not at the cost of breaking the rules.

I did not get to see his band as I was too busy waiting in line on Charlotte Street for four hours (and I met my band supposedly late thank God). His band was clearly responsible for the pile-up at the Savannah on Carnival Tuesday as he decided to go early this year.

While I admire and appreciate his presentations and creative genius, he should not be allowed to make the rest of us suffer waiting on the streets (some of us without music as we were trapped in front of the hospital). I would never have expected this from him.

Now all of that is water under the bridge as it has passed, he has won and commented that it was his last appearance in Carnival.

That is left to be seen. Still the question needs to be answered is, was he or was he not in breach of the rule?

W Dopson