Saturday, December 16, 2017

Blood Bank lacking Govt support

 Twice in the last six weeks, I have been turned away from donating blood because of staff shortages. Now, I phone before going and to­day, as on several previous occa­sions, I have been told that they have stopped ta­king donors by 9 a.m. As they take blood till 3 p.m., some donors have a very long wait. No wonder there is a shortage of blood.

I ask that the minister of health take note of this terrible situation and take action to have it remedied. Last year, a press release from Tim Gopeesingh (acting minister) announced they were considering longer hours. That never happened, but why not provide staff for normal hours? 

Perhaps the Blood Bank has no priority because of First Citizens, the Caribbean Airlines strike, passport office closures, foreign exchange shortages, LifeSport and violent crime. 

God help us. 

William Lucie-Smith