Blowing away our peace of mind

 I LOVE fireworks! The seasonal, spectacular display (and accompanying temporary noise) that is used to mark a truly special occasion never fails to fascinate me. 

What, however, is even the purpose of scratch-bombs? ... And this year, it seems the decibel level/firepower has increased exponentially!! 

I’m convinced this scratch-bomb craze in T&T is a conspiracy to kill a third of the population from heart attack and deafen another third by the remainder who seem to derive some twisted pleasure in seeing people virtually jump out of their skins. 

Do we really  need this increasing menace in a nation that is already battling (and seemingly losing) the war on illegal guns and almost daily multiple homicides? It’s almost as though there is a deliberate attempt to get people so accustomed to the explosions that when a real gunshot rings out we no longer know the difference.

I have also personally witnessed that some perpetrators (adults included) seem to prefer to detonate the devices just as some hapless, unsuspecting pedestrian has walked past them. This is absolute madness and unfortunately, the systems that are enabling the mayhem will see the ugly reward in due course. Not the merchants, of course. They’re laughing all the way to the bank as the idiots blow their cash up in smoke (literally).

I know all I can do for now is vent because I also believe that once scratch-bombs are available for purchase at almost every street corner, expecting those who purchase them to be considerate—of the elderly, the infirm, the infants, pets...and at nighttime when some are trying to rest because they have to work the next day—is pointless. We have proven as a people that we do not like to be restrained and will push every boundary. But why am I carrying on about nighttime? Scratch-bombs are now being detonated day and night.

The sad reality, as recent trends have shown, is that the horrific, random, ear-splitting explosions which begin annually just before Divali, will continue well through to the Carnival season and it seems there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it!

I pray that, in time, hopefully sooner rather than later, the widespread sale and seemingly inexhaustible detonation of scratch-bombs can mercifully be restricted by legislation, if not totally outlawed! 


                                 Deborah Johnson

                                               via e-mail

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