Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Brace for more killings

The clear impression given where law and order is concerned in this country is that the police can no longer enforce proper law and order.

The are now on a killing spree. They are not fit for purpose, and see killing anyone who steps in their way as the only way to deal especially with petty criminals.

This new approach is now supported by the Minister of National Security Gary Griffith, who by making a public statement saying “Its war, and the police must protect themselves.’’

We can now brace ourselves for more killings of more innocent citizens by the police in view of his support which could be interpreted as a licence to kill.

Now we can sit back and wait for Amnesty International to condemn the police for their deliberate bad behaviour.

I have a feeling too, that Mr Griffith’s days are numbered as the National Security Minister.

G A Marques

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