Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bread van causing big traffic jam in Freeport

 I wish to commend the Ministry of Works for a fine job being done at the Freeport exit. 

The creation of additional lanes has eased the traffic congestion tremendously at this exit. Work is continuing on the other side also.

I want to bring to the attention of the relevant authorities the issue of the parking of a big bread van on the shoulder of the Freeport exit every day and also a huge rolling trolley loaded with bread on the said exit.  

Workers from this bread van are seen selling bread on the Freeport exit and also another trolley is located in an empty space mere metres away from the Freeport Police Station.  

This causes great traffic congestion and stress to motorists as drivers stop on the roadway to purchase bread from this mobile unit, causing traffic to back up into the highway as far back to the Chase Village exit every  day.  

The new exit has three lanes, taking traffic on the left to Arena and environs; the middle lane traffic going into Mission Road, Freeport, and the extreme right lane, with the bread van on the shoulder, going to the Southern Main Road, Freeport, area.  

While the creation of the extra lanes has helped ease the backing up of traffic  going in the different directions, the selling of bread in this area, on the exit and also mere metres from the Freeport Police Station, and also parking of the van on the shoulder of this is again causing traffic to back up into the highway, defeating the purpose of the additional lanes created to ease the back up of traffic.  

I am sure if it was the vegetable vendor who occupied that corner spot for umpteen years previously, he would have been removed already, but because it is a big company, the authorities seem to be turning a blind eye.  

I wait and watch to see the outcome of this and meanwhile we suffer in silence.

Jody Lee