Thursday, January 18, 2018

Break the rules, pay the price

 I was prompted to write this letter because of my many experiences with people who cannot and will not accept or live by rules.

One example of this is the many bandleaders who are annoyed because they were disqualified from the Carnival competition because they did not follow the necessary routes to be judged. Why? Because some felt they got the rules too late, there were too many pages to read, the routes were unfair, or some other foolish excuse.

I believe if you belong to any organisation, you have to adhere to the rules whether you like them or not. If you believe for some reason or the other you cannot, then just bow out gracefully.

As for the National Carnival Commission, I congratulate you all for sticking to the rules you made. We as a people in general feel this will not happen, so we always do as we please, hoping and feeling nothing will be done about it. 

I saw All Stars on television on Carnival Monday, and it was a beautiful sight to behold: the various colours, the behaviour of the people in the band who remained in their sections, no vulgarity, lewdness or lack of proper attire.

Hats off to you, All Stars. Enjoy your win, you deserve it, and forget the sour grapes. They need to understand every choice we make in life has a consequence.

Joy Pierre

via e-mail