Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bright signs amid the 2014 gloom

 A new year, like any other new thing, forces us to look forward and hope.  Hope for 2014 was, however, thwarted by the gruesome and alarming number of murders in just 48 hours.  

Are these the fruits of what we have sowed in 2013 and previous years? Of course, yes.

 Let’s all take responsibility for this.  Some of us have to take more responsibility than others, especially those of us who are paid a salary to prevent them.  

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that while there was one fatal accident on Old Year’s Day 2013, the year ended with less fatalities than 2012.  There was a 22 per cent reduction as compared to the previous year.  Kudos to all those responsible for this reduction; the police, stakeholders, government and the responsible families that advised against speeding and drunken and distracted driving.  Kudos! 

Kudos also to those officers who stood next to the roads and highways in rain and hot sun to discourage driver delinquency.  Your visibility was much appreciated.  For those of you who were at the malls and major shopping streets across the nation, thank you! I felt safe and heard no complaints about robberies or stolen vehicles while there (a big change from 2012 and previous years). 

For all those senior managers and supervisors in the Police Service, thank you for the effective deployment.  I hope it continues year round since crime is not limited to the Christmas season.  

Keep up the good work to ensure the Police Service goes from strength to strength! 

K Bassarath

San Fernando