Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bring back the Americans

The only way to keep Trinidad and Tobago absolutely safe and to prevent the boys at Teteron from ever getting excited again is to re-establish an American base (even if it were in a limi≠ted capacity) alongside the Teteron base.

This training force would be a win-win situation for Trinidad and Tobago, and on the American side it would be in an ideal location to protect the valu≠able natural resources of both Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela from getting into the hands of unstable elements.

As a proud, independent nation, we should once again welcome American assistance. After all, major road infrastructure of this beautiful island was built by the Americans decades ago and, as a leaving present, they built the road to our best beach, Maracas Bay.

They built the oil refinery, the wealth from which helped us to become richer and more developed than any other West Indian island, and led to a good standard of education.

We must always remember both the British and Americans laid down and inculcated the stable foundations for Trinidad and Tobago to develop itself; letís not throw it away to another group because, if they were to get in power, Trinidad and Tobago would be swimming in perpetual hell.

Andrew Cipriani