Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bring back pride to Arima

Since the Carnival is well and truly over I thought this a good time to express my concern about my hometown, Arima. I am a born and bred Arimian, having attended both primary and secondary schools here, settled right here after marriage and I still live here.

Throughout the years Arimians have been proud to live in the only chartered borough in this part of the world.

At present our town is not at the top of the list for residence for a number of reasons. Questions asked by home seekers and foreigners leave us embarrassed. Why isn't there a bus terminus where passengers can be protected from the elements? Where is the hospital for so many burgesses and their environs? The Dial never has the correct time. Why is the "Drag Brothers" stall still in the heart of the town? When will the street vendors be furnished with a building (a vendors' mall) to ease the daily task of packing/unpacking their stuff?

Most business owners don't care about improving the appearance of their establishments. They remain as drab as they were 20 or more years ago. Is there a large concert hall where groups can stage indoor performances?

These are just a few of the hard queries Arimians encounter regularly.

There is also the problem of patchy workmanship in the repairs of pavements, drains and of course the paving of streets.

The year is still fairly new so I have expressed my thoughts with great hope that the authorities would take notice and do things to bring back Arima's pride.

J Greenidge

via e-mail