Saturday, February 24, 2018

Buy him a thesaurus

Last week Thursday at a meeting in San Juan, Dr Keith Rowley made the claim that the Central Bank Governor changed the system for the allocation of US dollars and it is this change that is causing the shortfall of US currency in the local economy.

The Central Bank Governor responded the Friday after at a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce by saying he did not change the system, he merely amended it and made modifications to it.  I would just like to draw the attention of the Central Bank Governor to following dictionary definitions:-

Amend:- (Verb) “to change......”

Modification:- (Noun) “a change made to something...”

Perhaps the Central Bank Governor should have consulted with a Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) pupil before standing in front of a group of well qualified businessmen, many of whom hold degrees and MBAs, to tell them that he did not “change” a system but merely “amended” it and made “modifications” to it.

I would advise the Prime Minister who was instrumental in appointing the goodly gentleman to the post of Central Bank governor to please buy him a thesaurus this Christmas.

Oke Zachary