Thursday, January 18, 2018

COP call to arms

Winston Dookeran's intervention has raised the ire of the PM who recently bemoaned the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes of coalition life.

How times have changed. The year 2007 was a time I am proudest of, when I stood by my principles. I loved my party most in those days. Since then the PM has made me hate myself and know the depths of despair unlike no other.

It is one thing to have the PNM in charge of things. It is another thing when it is my party that you have sullied. That the COP continues to provide you with whatever little credibility and integrity we have left is the source of despair.

Winston Dookeran's warning to the Government is also a call to arms to all thinking and feeling COP members. stand now and be counted among the believers in the new politics, before ye be judged and found wanting by the electorate.

Satu-Ann I Ramcharan