Friday, December 15, 2017

Call to the US: T&T needs your help!

This is an open letter to the FBI, CIA, NSA and DEA. Trinidad needs help urgently.  When the lives of our investigating reporters are being threatened, our country is in real big trouble.  Imagine police officers are informants to the underworld criminals! The Minister of National Security is “aware” of all of this but nothing is being done by him or the Acting Commissioner of Police.

USA we need your help now! Trinidad and Tobago desperately need your help.  Our Government is unwilling and incapable of stemming this crime tsunami.  It is out of their hands completely.  They have created this terrible monster themselves, not realising the far-reaching devastating effects it will have on our country.  Now we are too deep in corruption, nepotism, ministerial scandals and robbery of the national treasury.  Our citizens are living in great fear and there is no one here to help us.

Please USA Help us, Please!  

Gale Benard

Port of Spain