Thursday, January 18, 2018

Camera questionsfor Mr Warner

I would like Jack Warner to say who will be supplying the security cameras and why is there a recurring monthly expense?

Also, I want Minister Warner to say whether he did a feasibility test to decide where these cameras would be installed and how and who would be monitoring them.

Will the monitoring and maintenance of these cameras be done through the designated procurement process? Who owns these companies and does anyone in Government have any interest in these companies? Was a tender put out?

The reason I am asking these questions is very simple. I do not want the possibility for corruption to be the same as it was under previous governments. Besides, Minister Warner has a very large budget allocation and the best way to deter others from any wrongdoing is to ensure that these questions are looked at very early.

I am also taking into consideration that this Minister was enbroiled in allegations of misconduct in the last international organisation of which he was a member.

I do hope that the Minister responds to these questions to allay any suspicions in the future.

Aubert Modeste

via e-mail