Saturday, January 20, 2018

Cameras for confidence

 Body cameras for police officers seems to be the latest in a series of attempts to ensure the police act within the best interest of all citizens involved in any situation (themselves included). However, the vast majority seem to disagree with this initiative because they seem to think it is unnecessary or, rather, the evidence it may display may not be in keeping with the stories we hear or read.

We seem to forget there are already existing measures that could and would provide essentially the same evidence; the only problem is these cameras are stationary and, once out of its range, what happens is anyone’s guess. This “minor setback” is what facilitates the constant “he say, she say” stories about the situations that arise and the people involved—ultimately leaving any civilian involved as the victim, and the police culpable.

I believe once we get past the mentality of police being corrupt and therefore unable to act without abusing their authority, we as a people would welcome a device that would allow us the confidence to comfortably interact with the police.

Susan Farrow

via e-mail