Sunday, December 17, 2017

Can I collect my passport at the Embassy?


I’m working in the US on a tempo­ra­ry worker visa. I’m coming home for Carnival and plan to renew my visa while I’m there, in fact, I’ve already scheduled my visa appointment. I was wondering, can I pick up my passport at the embassy after the visa is processed?


Thank you so much for your question. While we certainly understand that it may be convenient for some people to pick up their visa after processing, we do not offer pick-up directly at the embassy. 

All passports with visas will be returned to you, the applicant, via DHL. You may choose between pick-up at a DHL location or courier delivery to a mailing address. Please note that DHL is not able to deliver to all locations, and you will see the listing of available locations when you select your DHL delivery method online. This service is provided at no additional cost. 

However, to receive documents back from the Consular Section (that is, your passport with visa), you must be registered on our official visa services website: 

To register, please click on “Sign In” at the top of the aforementioned site. Follow the steps to select trip purpose and preferred DHL delivery method, as well as provide other relevant information requested. DHL offers pick-up services in Port of Spain (El Socorro) and Scarborough. For details on either pick-up service at a DHL point-of-service location or delivery to a home/office address, please visit the website listed above.

In general, passports with visas are delivered within three to five business days, following the release of your documents, for delivery. Please note, however, there is never a guarantee with regard to how quickly the Consular Section can process your application. As the time it takes to adjudicate each individual case is different, we cannot provide you any information regarding when your personal documents will actually be turned over to DHL. For this reason, we request that applicants remain understanding and flexible. 

For instance, if you will be travelling and need to carry your passport before the time it requires to process and return your visa, then we suggest you schedule or re-schedule your appointment for a time when you will be in Trinidad and Tobago for at least about one week. 

And remember, you should always apply for your visa well ahead of your scheduled travel. For renewal visas, there is no requirement to wait for your visa to expire. In fact, the best time to apply for a visa is now when our lines are short and we have appointments available within two days.