Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Can our courts be insulated?

 While we may have the potential do we possess the capacity to adjudicate over matters concerning the Caribbean people? 

Would a country be able to use its financial influence over the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) and is it 100 per cent insulated from political interference? 

Do we have proper forensics, do we have DNA labs and would the CCJ be immune from the criminal element?

The assassination of Dana Seetahal has now brought into focus another dimension of thought concerning the CCJ as our final court. This is much more than the everyday killing and there needs to be in-depth investigation and conclusion to allay the fears that continued speculation would bring, in a region where everybody knows somebody who knows somebody else. 

A judicial officer has openly expressed fear which must also resonate throughout the legal fraternity. Will such intimidation impact our courts, we must ask as, in introspection, the victim may not necessarily be the actual target.

Ramesh Marajh

Palo Seco