Saturday, February 24, 2018

Can you solve these SEA problems?

 Here are some simple 

(or complicated?) maths and English problems for SEA (Secondary Entrance Assessment) pupils:


1. A Port of Spain educator is contracted to teach math and English classes to

some disadvantaged learners. He collects fees of $17 million plus $17 million over two years, but he has confessed he hasn’t taught them one single class. 

How much has he “earned” (his verb)?

a. $17 million

b. $34 million

c. US$5 million

d. $0

2. Choose the best response from the list that follows this statement.

If a man collects money for a job for which he was contracted but didn’t do the job, that person can be described as ___________ .

a. Honest

b. Devious 

c. Dishonest

d. Patriotic

3. Solve the following. riddle: 

Ah riddle ah riddle ah ree

Makes loud noises, snorts, likes Iberian langua­ges, loud, always utters the words “wasn’t me”, has two faces, a terrifying stare and a pink shirt?

a. A robot

b. A four-legged animal

c. A doubting Thomas

d. A politician caught           red-handed.

All correct entries will be put in a box and shaken up, and will be taken for a ride.

Amir Jairam

via e-mail