Saturday, February 17, 2018

Carmona needs clean sweep to get job done

My heart is beaming with joy, and why shouldn't it when someone from my birthplace gets raised by the Lord above to a position of greatness. Santa Flora is a beautiful place. It still maintains its countryside image despite the wealth it produced and still produces.

Born in Santa Flora, our new president-designate, Justice Anthony Carmona, is also from my village. As children of the same village, he and I are family, for better or worse. Related in that manner, I know he'd remember us when he takes up his appointment and uses his increased weight to influence things in poor people's favour, with greater speed than the Partnership has since in office. The only way he can do that is by reviewing every appointment the departing President made and deciding whom to keep or replace because some of those appointees seem to think their job is to side with the Opposition and attack the Government.

But no president should be burdened with having to do a review like that. Government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. The law should stipulate the same way our prime ministers get elected, the same way a number of other bigwigs should as well. Our Chief Justice, DPP, Independent senators and Integrity Commission, all should have to face public scrutiny and win an election to get the job. This is a democracy. That's how our business should be organised. If not, the rule should be that whoever holds those positions must resign when a new president comes in.

If my idea is accepted, all Independent senators and Integrity commissioners would have their letters of resignation ready and waiting since they are all Max Richards' men and women, not Mr Carmona's. If that's not the case, Justice Carmona should grab the bull by the horns and bring the necessary changes to make his mark early o'clock because, frankly speaking, we have too many persons from the old regime still pushing the knobs against the grain we voted for in 2010.

Welcome Justice Carmona and good luck!

Candice Bartholomew-Reyes