Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Carnival just for fun

 Errol Hill’s seminal work, The Trinidad Carnival, tells us our Carnival came from the Europeans and evolved into something distinctive. We are the great imitators and we have made our Carnival into a unique experience.

In the olden days, people played mas for the portrayals’ sake. They revelled in the streets with the tamboo bamboo, steelband and calypso. There was no competition.

That is why I like the idea the new non-competitive venue at the Jean Pierre Complex. It’s a return to the days when mas roamed the streets. It came from the elite and maybe the elite will lead us back to the origins... in time.

As an ardent supporter of traditional mas and for many years a player of devil mas with Burrokeets on Carnival Tuesday (yes) and subsequently Tico Skinner’s devil bands, I can almost hear Tico saying, “we going down dey, dey can’t stop we”.

Finbar Ryan

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