Friday, January 19, 2018

Chaguanas to Sando Taxi Stand: the real story

 This is to make the travelling public aware of the real story surrounding the controversy on the Chaguanas to San Fernando Taxi Stand.

Some taxi-drivers have been giving false information to the media and misleading the public into believing that the problem is related to the fare increase —which was announced on December 1 2013—from $10 to $12 by the Chaguanas to San Fernando Taxi Drivers Association.

This involves more than a $2 fare increase after five years, which works out to just 40 cents a year.

The Chaguanas taxi stand has a group of drivers who have refused to abide by the legal and lawful procedure when filling their vehicles.

A decision was made by the association to apply to the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure for assistance by installing concrete barriers to prevent the illegal cutting of the line so that each driver could make a fair day’s work.

The barriers were installed on January 12 2014. 

Since then, the drivers who have chosen not to be part of the association, have continued charging the previous $10 fare and have vowed to use the media, the travelling public and any means necessary to undermine the work of the association and have these barriers removed.

About a year ago, a hard-working police officer by the name of Terrence Abraham, who was based at the Chaguanas Traffic Branch, diligently made every effort to curb this lawless behaviour in and around the Chaguanas Taxi Stand. He repeatedly ticketed offenders so when he was on duty there was no illegal cutting of the line or any other breach of  laws regarding the taxi stand.

Following his murder on May 14 2013, all law and order on the stand apparently also died. To date, the errant drivers are only compliant when there are police officers present. We, the Chaguanas to San Fernando Taxi Drivers Association, in no way support crime and lawlessness. We totally detest it and will not allow individuals to continue to send our country down the gutter of crime and lawlessness. 

Passengers, are your lives worth $2 less? We know you, the travelling public, are honest and law-abiding citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and we, the drivers of the association, thank you for your loyal and honest support and look forward to transporting you throughout the rest of this year and beyond.


Chaguanas to San Fernando Taxi Drivers Association