Thursday, December 14, 2017

Changing Kiddies’ route a mistake

 Were the children even taken into consideration in the changing of the masqueraders’ route in this year’s Kiddies’ Carnival in Port of Spain? 

The route was said to be changed because over the past couple of years, there were challenges with the parade going up Frederick Street, but as a spectator of the parade, I can say the change of route certainly resulted in the event being utterly disorganised. 

About 37 bands did not take part in this year’s event, and I would not doubt it was due to this change. This is the time for children to enjoy the Carni­val season. They already have to carry these gigantic headpieces, some of which are so huge, they have to be tied onto 

their backs. 

Now, they have to battle the strong winds, as well as the heat of the sun, as they have to pass through Adam Smith Square where there is no shade from tall buildings. It is so much simpler and safer to have children go straight up Frede­rick Street and turn left into the Queen’s Park Savannah.

This decision was clearly made by arrogant adults, leaving the children in the middle to suffer. Keeping the route as is would have been the smarter decision to make as everyone is accustomed to doing it in the traditional way.

Let us hope good sense will prevail in 2015.

Jasmine Fullerton 


Shelisa Lewis 

Diego Martin