Friday, December 15, 2017

Check those tax returns

"Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary Orville London called on Tobago Organisation of People leader Ashworth Jack to explain to the people of Tobago how he funded his $2 million home." (Express, December 11).

I am happy to see that people are being exposed, that they are putting forward explanations relating to their financial affairs and I am noting the many comments and questions that arise out of these situations.

The BIR should examine the tax returns of these people and see what they reported over the years. If the two don't match something is wrong. If, as they say, the revenue came from certain sources, then tax returns can verify their claims, otherwise they have not declared all of their income, which in turn means they have not paid all their taxes. There are penalties for such acts. It is high time the BIR starts to act independently and take cues from reports such as these, especially when the person in question is offering explanations that can be easily checked.

Bernard Quesnel

via e-mail