Saturday, December 16, 2017

Cheryl's case dire

The matter of Cheryl Miller has elicited a most inconsistent position from Minister Verna St Rose Greaves, whose passionate advocacy of prisoner rights and stand against injustice to men, women and children is in stark contrast.

Ms Miller's case demands instant attention, and one is perplexed at the prolongation of this matter, which appears to have entered the public domain to the consternation of the Minister.

It is to the credit of Dr Amery Browne that he has taken up this matter of the clear violation of Ms Miller's human rights. He will be criticised for politicising this matter, and one hopes he will pay no attention to such charges. If ever a matter deserved public protest, it is this.

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan should be as concerned about Ms Miller as he has been about Veera Bhajan. It would be ironic if Ms Bhajan were to take up the case of Ms Miller in dire need of advocacy.

The Prime Minister should not wait for this matter to be brought to her attention. It demands direct intervention.

We should not wait for an international call to be made before taking action. The lethargic approach of all responsible ministers to this public calamity is regrettable.

MF Rahman

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