Saturday, December 16, 2017

Children mismanaged at home

 ONCE again we are seeing first hand poor, if not disastrous, parenting.

There was the report earlier this week about a 19-year-old mother of new-born triplets who is seeking assistance (including housing) for the upkeep of herself and her babies, who were conceived with the help of fertility pills. She, the child’s father­, a CEPEP worker, and the babies live in a converted stockroom in her in-laws’ house. She and the father of these children are parents.

Then there is recent case of the 12-year-old Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) pupil who was reportedly raped and  impregnated when her sister took her to spend a weekend with the sister’s ex-boyfriend and “chile father”. The sister and the ex-boyfriend are parents. And the girl came from a home with a parent in it (her mother).

I recall and list these family “situations” when I hear people say sex and family life education should be left to parents in their homes. Garbage. What happens when “home” is run by parents who cannot even manage their own lives, much less the lives of their children? 

What’s to be done when parents are manifestly incompetent and unfit? Are we content to let hundreds, maybe thousands, of children go down the drain because some parents along with pastors, priests, imams and pundits want to guard their “turf”? 

E Anthony

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