Sunday, December 17, 2017

Children unleash lessons taught at home

 I have come to the conclusion that parents of bullies are clearly not devas­tated or shocked enough by their children’s behaviour to do something about the problem, and now the public has to pay for it.

I may be wrong, but allow me to make the assumption that the possibility exists the menacing (“Beat she!”) behaviour and attitude are left to fester in the home and probably even encouraged among siblings and other relatives. Why else would the violence now be the “norm” in our schools and other public places? 

Obviously having missed the opportunity to properly parent and discipline at the early stages, now at the teenage stage the behaviour can no longer be corrected by the same paren­ts, schools or anyone else in authority, hence the reason why the off-duty officer in the video recently aired on television was cursed in such a vulgar manner when he intervened in the fight among the girls of the Mucurapo West Secondary School. 

On the other hand, anyone can understand and sympathise with parents who try very hard with their children but find it difficult to control them and therefore have given up the fight (no pun intended).

The adolescent stage is quite difficult and many times, as a parent, you feel like you won’t make it through these growing pains but for the grace of God!

Yet, somehow I suspect we are dealing with parents who are quite young, immature and do not have a reasonably sound mind or judgment to recognise the behaviour is wrong to begin with, hence the reason some of them (mothers) wait outside the schools to participate in the beatings too or threaten the principal, teachers and other children with violence! 

Somehow I feel if these parents were confronted and asked to explain their children’s behaviour, we too would be left feeling bullied and traumatised just like the young female victim who now clearly needs counselling and protection herself.

Therefore, I must say more must be done firstly to ensure parents are equipped to raise children and, second­ly, to quell the violent tendencies of children in the early stages. Otherwise, we all will have hell to pay!

I shudder to think while I am at work in my comfortable, air-conditioned office, my innocent child is being bullied, threatened, cursed at and attacked by children behaving like hyenas in the jungle in and around the school compound.

I shudder to think nothing will be done in any serious way to address the problem of increasing violence with our children. I shudder to think our security would be left at the mercy of the next violent generation which has no regard for life.

So, if you think things bad now, wait five years then you will see what trouble really is! 

For all the bullies who end up in the courts, I hope we see the parents standing alongside them, facing charges of bad parenting (if such an offence exists)! We, the parents, are responsible for our children and the lessons we teach them (or lack thereof) are the lessons they unleash on the rest of the society in which we all would much rather exist peacefully!

Latisha Prescott

Cocorite Terrace