Sunday, January 21, 2018

Citizens being used as pawns

 I have been following the situation with the Immigration offices. It seems the senses of some Public Service men and women are immigrating, and they don’t need a passport for that!

I think the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are being used as pawns and are being unnecessarily inconvenienced.

Unions are important and have influence on a national level. With less than one year to go for the election, properly timed union action can put more pressure on the Government to react in the union’s favour. It seems part of the union’s strategy might be to make the Government look bad. However, I think this part of its strategy will backfire on it. And if the Government negotiators are clever enough, the Government might look good.

The workers at the Immigration offices are following the newly emergent Trinidadian mentality of self-caring and behaving toward self-progress. They do things without regard for others who may be affected by their actions, just as long as it gets them what they want.

As Government representatives, the Immigration workers are also representing the people. As people in such positions of authority, the workers need to realise they have a responsibility to the country and the citizens.

As the Government, politicians should remember they hold the highest level of Public Service offices. They are the ultimate public servants. They are the ones with the authority to do what is necessary for the benefit of the country and the citizens of the country. 

Sometimes self-sacrifices must be made to benefit others. The greater the sacrifice that a public-serving person can make, the better and more effective the public server tends to be.

Sometimes if you are in a position of power to do something to benefit yourself at the disadvantage of others, you need to be strong enough in character to put the needs of the many before your own, do the right thing, and work toward the more important purpose.

I think all parties involved should take a step back and think about things for a moment. But first, take a selfie. See what kind of person you really are. Then consider resolving this issue in a reasonable way that does not involve more damage than it might be worth. Work together to resolve things that will be beneficial to all stakeholders. That is actually what you all are there for. All parties involved should remember their purpose. If you all do, then you may be able to view things in the better and more proper and productive way.

It can’t be that difficult to want and act in a manner which would lead to a better, more positively progressive society and country. We all want that, but apparently we all don’t want to do what it takes to get there.

Sometimes to do great things takes great thoughts and acts of great kindness, sacrifice, courage and bipartisanship. Often when people work together they achieve much more as a whole. It’s called synergy, remember?

Sometime you must be unselfish. If we all work together instead of fighting with one another, we can achieve much more and much greater and better things. “Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve”. Remember?

Go back to the basics, if you have to. It has everything you need to develop properly.

Oh, and one of my friends at work pointed out the harmful effects of bully­ing. So stop it, okay. That goes for both parties involved. Another thing—my friends in health and safety are really caringly obdurate about safety, so please do behave in a way that will manifest safety in your lives, as well as the lives of those around you and also your environment.

Oh, and peace and love also.

Warren Lucky

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