Sunday, February 25, 2018

Class criteria in govt funding for sport?

Why it is that our footballers and other sports entities are having difficulty in getting funding from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago  while other organisations have no problems? Recently, a group of of young men who qualified to take part in a Sambo competition in Europe and who were welcomed at the airport by the Minister of Sport and promised assistance had their hopes dashed when the Minister did not live up his promises.

It seems that organisations such as the Water Polo Association have no problems getting funded. Is it a matter of class? 

Most of the persons who play water polo come from a certain class in the society. I know for a fact that the owner of a radio station, who is a strong supporter of the Government has children in the sport. Is that the criteria for funding?  

The Minister should know how these disappointments affect the minds of these young persons!

This kind of favouritism must stop!  It seems that we are going backward rather than forward.

 ME Rodriguez