Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Clearly, 'the people want pan'

congratulations to Pan Trinbago and the Government ministries responsible for putting on the series of pan shows all over the country. Pan lovers and pannists cannot complain, because since Independence Day celebrations it's been pan after pan.

What is also commendable is the repertoire that the bands have been playing. I heard SupaNovas (a band from Lopinot with Jit Samaroo as arranger), and they were outstanding in Arouca on October 27, and on Sunday last at "Pan in the Rosa", Fonclaire gave a musical treat to remember playing vintage Merchant, parang and ending with "Pan By Storm".

These concerts have been well attended, with no incidents and very few uniformed police around, so according to Kitch "The People Want Pan", and we also had Pan Jazz, Trinidad All Stars' "Classical Jewels", and "Clash of the Titans" with Boogsie and Robbie Greenidge which were also well attended.

R Patino