Monday, February 19, 2018

Come better, Rowley

 Politics, politics, and more cheap politics.

That is what I  saw when I read statements attributed to Dr Keith Rowley in the Express of February 20. What does it  take  for our Leader of the Opposition to shed his political rhetoric and negativity for a sober moment and share in the Government’s recognition of and accolades for masman Peter Minshall and the Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco).

This ceremony was held at the well-known Siparia Women’s Association’s kiddies Carnival competition in Penal junction. It was a missed opportunity  for the Opposition Leader to jointly applaud the recipients and offer kudos to the Women’s Association and the participants in the kiddies Carnival.

What we the public  heard was pure political and picky grandstanding. The citizenry deserves more positive messages and sound bites from Dr Rowley.

Orvis Noel

St Augustine