Friday, December 15, 2017

Complainants wrong; US consul doing great work

I write in response to your news story “US Alliance urges PM to recall NY consul” (Express, Nov 30). 

I live in New York and I can vouch that Ms Nan Ramgoolam is the best Consul General (CG) our country has ever had in the city and I urge the PM to keep her here to further transform the office. This alliance group of paper organisations could not be serious in their complaint. By taking note of their grievances and the groups they complain to in Trinidad, one can figure out their agenda and the racial undertone of their letter.

I am wondering if the group is mixing up our CG office with that of previous years when service was virtually non-existent and the office was terribly and incompetently managed—an “old boys” network.  

This CG is the best officer we have had in New York since a Consular office was established more than forty years ago. The complainants are not honest and truthful about why they were terminated.

Contrary to what the complainants stated, the office is functioning very smoothly and properly. Those seeking service are not complaining—only those who were terminated for failing to perform their jobs. They had easy work and lost their entitlements for practically doing nothing. So obviously, they want back their no (or little) work job based on race and years at the job, not on performance and competence.

I have spoken with many Trinbagonians over the last year about service at the consulate. They all rate the service as exceptional or great and a model for other offices overseas as well as government offices at home. For the first time, under Ms Ramgoolam’s tenure, service is being provided efficiently and professionally. People are attended to promptly. They no longer have to wait weeks and months and told to come back. 

Their needs are addressed right away in a one-stop shop. They don’t have to make return visits for service and the few people that make up the alliance knows this as fact. Before Ms Ramgoolam took charge last year, the office attended to a maximum 50 people per day under a number system. Today, the office sees hundreds of people daily and no one is turned away.

Angela Williams

via e-mail