Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Complete the story

I recently acquired a copy of Rudolph Ottley's latest publication, The Revue at 50. Brother Resistance in the Foreword says the story of the Kalypso Revue is a story for all calypsonians, calypso lovers, etc and I was reminded of a story of the Calypso King of 1965, Mighty Sniper (Mervyn Hodge).

Of course there is the other The Mighty Sniper story and the true composer of that famous calypso "Portrait of Trinidad". This matter must be researched, documented and resolved, so that the true composer could be recognised. There was a time when it was felt that a real calypsonian had to compose and deliver his own songs. It was a shame to let the public know the actual composers were. That time has long past.

Kenneth Alexander Noel

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