Friday, December 15, 2017

Compliments to Dr Theodore Lewis

 I will like to compliment Dr Theodore Lewis on his two part articles entitled, “Deadly Impetus for School Reform” on 17/05/14 and 21/05/14. These two articles are a must read for all educators who are interested in genuine and profound reform in the educational system of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Dr Lewis took the bull by the horns and got to the heart of the crucial problem facing the education of our students. In his first article, he referred to the inequality of the schools system in countries such as India by reason of birth. In his second article, he noticed that we are still using a system based on the 1860s to appoint school places. In the last paragraph, he recommended, “The next reform I see is for the state to stop using taxpayers’ money to fund denominational schools. These schools should essentially be run like they are all over the world, that is, as private schools.”

Following Dr Lewis’s reform model, we may finally see non-discrimination in education as stated in the Education Act of 1966. Thank you.

Vincent Booker