Friday, February 23, 2018

Consultation before action by our leaders

 The PSA (Public Ser­­vices Association) president’s recent leadership of walkouts by staff at the San Fernando Ma­gistrates’ Court building, the PTSC (Public Transport Service Corporation) building and Ministry of Food Production in San Fernando shows the need for a large, modern, Government-owned office building in the southern city. 

The 17-storey Chancery Lane Complex, now the San Fernando Teaching Hospital, if maintained for its original purpose, would have allowed for easy relocation of public servants to suitable accommodations. Extensive consultations were held with San Fernandians before the building was constructed. Little or no consultation was held before the decision to dedicate it as a hospital. 

Also, the seemingly unilate­ral suggestion that the Naparima Bowl be taken away from the theatre community and be repurposed as a medical lecture hall caused such a furore that it was backed off of with haste. 

These examples demonstrate how our leaders make important decisions without consultation on the actual needs of the community. We can and must do better.

C Welsh