Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Crazy callaloo

After reading that Carnival 2014 was the most successful Carnival ever, I am forced to concur as Carnival and bacchanal are synonymous.

Here is, or hear some of the bacchanal:

NCC and NCBA own Port of Spain for Carnival, not the City Corporation. The mayor is just a voice crying. The police decide the Carnival Parade route will be anti-clockwise. Acting Prime Minister says old parade route. He now owns Port of Spain.

Some bandleaders say no to the Savannah, and “just so” the Socadrome is born. Woodbrook residents get their own Carnival without asking.

Prize money for chutney competition is $2 million – for one song/tune

The chutney winner from 2013 does not compete, because of outstanding payment due on $1 million for 2013. Minister says payment will be made. Chutney singers say some songs are imported like some mas costumes, and are not chutney. Children’s Carnival moved uptown from downtown. Wait, children’s Carnival is both uptown and downtown.

Calypso Monarch 2014 sings two songs including a pan tune and wins $1 million. But is bois for the judges.

A sailor band wins Band of the Year. Beads, feathers and bikini band leaders complain about the sailor band. Well, not really, but kind of.

Drunken sailors on shore leave behave better than the “beach-wear” and fitness crews. Not to mention some mature “rolly polly” people.

Power soca (jam and wine) rules the road with Road March again, and we wonder why “getting on bad” is now worse. A big, bacchanal is the lack of pan on the road. When panmen/women became pannists “beating” on the road became almost impossible. But someone sang something about “ah big truck.”

I heard there is only one happy “man” in Trinidad and Tobago, or perhaps a few.

David H Ragobar

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