Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cricket organisers provided the real show

 New Zealand commentator Martin Crowe said Marlon Samuels provided a comedy show by scoring at less than a run a ball in the West Indies’ T20 semifinal loss to Sri Lanka on Thursday.

On Tuesday, New Zealand was bowled out for 60 against the same Sri Lankan team chasing 120 or thereabouts. Its captain, Brendon McCallum, was stumped for a duck, making a most ungainly “hoik” to begin the collapse.

I did not notice Crowe describe the latter’s performance as a tragi-comedy show.

What needs be said more than anything else about the West Indies-Sri Lanka semifinal is the stupidity of the organisers in allowing rain to determine the result of such a critical game when, with minimal foresight, this game could have been replayed yesterday along with the other semifinal.

Two games per day have been played throughout the series.

No one side could complain, and the attendance would be even more substantial than it was—two for one.

Before West Indian writers start their onslaught on their team, they should remember when Denesh Ramdin got out in the match against Pakistan, West Indies was in the same position and it won the match.

The circumstances surrounding the West Indian victory over Australia after Simmons’ departure were also almost identical. Just maybe it was Sri Lanka that was saved by the rain.

Romain Pitt 

Toronto, Canada